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Drinking roulette = fun with the friends

There are so many different ways, how we can use the roulette wheel. It can be any table game, which needs a wheel. Drinking roulette is more of the choice for the parties and just having fun with the friends.

The market is full of different treaties. You can get buy the drinking roulette. But you can also adjust your roulette wheel to this type of leisure. We are going to consider the second variant.

You can divide all the numbers on the roulette wheel into sectors and mark them. The quantity of the sectors depends on how many people are playing. The more people, the more sectors. But at the same time you can split the sectors to as many as you want.

How to mark the sectors? For example, there are 38 pockets on the roulette wheel. You can divide them by 12. It is going to be like this: 10 sectors will cover 3 numbers each, and 2 sectors - 4 numbers. Not very even but still. Or you can divide it by 19, and each sector would cover 2 numbers. You can also draw them, so that it will be easier to recognize the winning number.

Then you put the same quantity of glasses (it is better to take shot glasses) according to the marking of the sectors. And now the most interesting part goes.

You pour booze in one shot glass and some cheap perfume into another. Every second glass is filled with the perfume. And fun is not in drinking booze, but in drinking perfume. It is better to take the same color of the drinks. For example, if you have vodka, you take a water-like perfume, so that it will be more difficult to recognize before the player smells it.

Also you can you different types of the booze into glasses. But the bad part is that the players will get drunk very easily and very fast. The game would not bring much fun, as some people will not be able to digest different types of alcohol consumed at once.

Then you spin roulette and where the ball lands, the drink of that sector is to be drunk. Each player spins the roulette for himself, or you can define who would be the dealer but it is more interesting to spin for yourself. You get what you spin.

But if you are not very inspired by the idea of drinking perfume, you can always come back to the common roulette game.


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