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Kolo Fortuny or Polish Wheel of Fortune TV show is loved by many

Kolo Fortuny is not some kind of the spell you put on somebody you like or hate. No, if you are looking for that, you should start reading old books on the witchcraft.

Our matter is a Polish version of the Wheel of Fortune, which is sometimes called a Polish Wheel (if you did not know that, do not be upset, at least, you know now).

It is a TV show, which can be performed at home too, since we are talking how we can adjust our home roulette wheel to different wheel games. It is more like a family show, as everybody, who wants, comes to the show. Also it is possible to see your neighbors, relatives, friends and coworkers on TV.

So, what are the differences between the American and Polish versions? Is it worth to imitate the Polish wheel at home?

Let me answer the second question first - yes, it is worth playing at home. Now it is a turn of the first question. Do you remember the prizes, given in this TV show? It can be an iron, dishwasher, TV, DVD and other useful things for home.

If you are playing home, you can tell your friends that everybody brings something useful, which they are ready to share with somebody else. It is necessary for the friends to completely understand that if they are bringing an ice-cream scoop or a potato peeler they possibly will say goodbye to it this day.

Also it should not be something expensive or very precious to one's heart. You should not bring your grandma's china and grandpa's silver - it has to be useful but of average price. If you do not see the sense in simple bringing, you can establish the sum of money, for which everybody should get something helpful. No white elephants.

Then you can draw a circle, just like in the game with your own rules. It would be funny, if you have funny words to guess with a difficult or intricate explanation, you would have way more fun, when the word is revealed.

You can also get an arrow for pointing the sector that came up. But it seems that everybody would like to throw the ball, so you can make a small circle with the sectors on it, which would point at the "Bankrupt" (a player loses all the points he had in this round), "Prize" (you can bargain with a player for a small cash or a prize, which is in the box), "x2" (player's point multiply by 2) and so on and so forth.

There are plenty ideas, how you can use the wheel that you have at home. You can either play the roulette game only or expand the circle of the players, who are not the fans of gambling.


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