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Casino roulette tricks are played to impress the audience

We are people and we tend to blame somebody in something bad. But what about gambling? What about the roulette game? Casino roulette tricks?

When something really good happens to us, we think that it is luck just knocked our door. Usually, when the time of bad luck comes, we start thinking that somebody looked at us few days ago with a "bad look" or somebody cursed us, as we remember an old lady living next door and she never liked us.

Well, she does not like us, maybe, because we have music on until 4 am. Or she might not like us because we are speaking very loud, I would say, shout every day and she hears how much we like somebody. If there is no gas in our car, we would say: "I knew it, it would happen today. Something must go wrong when I am heading to the airport and I am running late." We simply do not even think that you need to check everything before doing something very important. If you want to check out your luck, try the free slots first.

Let us consider one interesting event that took place in the casino. The main hero is David Blaine. If you ask who is he? Well, he is a modern Harry Houdini. No guesses, still blank? He is an illusionist, who will make you believe that everything what you see happening around is pure luck. Are you ready to see what he is going to do this time?

David Blaine enters the casino and goes to search two nice girls inside. As soon as he finds them he heads to the roulette table. He starts with $100 chip.

Just to remind. The roulette is a game of chance, so we cannot predict a single number. We can just hope and believe that the next number will be the one we betted on. So, let us see.

He asks the ladies to call the colors. As we know you can bet on red or black and the payoff is 1to 1/ It is fair enough if you start playing with $100 chip. The girls name the consequence of the colors: black, black, red, black, red.

It means that these colors are to come up in the next 5 spins. Guess what? They do come up. A casino roulette trick? Pure luck? Maybe, who knows… $3200 total winning. Take a look to be sure! There is also a great example of gamblers' tricks. But not really successful. Learn, how a mistake can cost £5000.


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