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Winning at the roulette game is lucky gambling

Numerology has always played an important role in the lives of people. Ever since the humanity started using the numbers, many suppositions, ideas and other things started to develop. Well, not on their own, but the people saw a very sacred meaning in it.

The same story is with the lucky gambling. Everyone wants to be successful in gambling and nobody wants to waste his money on something useless. If you are not ready for that, you can try roulette but in its different variations.

We are born on some date, which "defines" our destiny. Very often we say that a person was born under a lucky star or with a silver spoon in the mouth. In terms of gambling, you should search for the successful combination for your game.

In the roulette game you need simply to find that number, which will bring you luck, or, in other words, jackpot expressed as 35/1. The numerologists say that the numbers you are using should hold affinity to other numbers.

Let us consider number 1. It is positive to 9 and 4 and also 8, but at the same time it is negative to 6 and 7 but passive to 5 and 2 and also 3. Go understand the meaning of it. But there are people, who devote their lives to the numbers' research.

In the western cultures number 13 "play" a bad role. Why "play"? Well, it is because a lot of people believe that this number brings bad luck to whoever faces with it. Actually it is not true, because if you are under such circumstances that you cannot avoid the devil's dozen (that is how the people call it in the west) you start developing another attitude towards this number.

For example, we bet deliberately, but what if we are passing an exam and we pull a paper with the questions to answer and it is number 13? We start thinking that it is a lucky day for us. The same is happening to the number 4 in eastern cultures.

Mostly, it is our attitude towards things and events defines our destiny. We are given according to our faith. Let us always hope for better and do not expect bad things coming. You know, it is like an old saying says: "Hope for better, evil will come on its own." If you still do not believe in numbers, you might start believing in the winning colors, as David Blaine proved.


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