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Roulette wheel game is not only about gambling

Have you ever thought about the roulette variations, which you can apply to the roulette wheel you own? There are many possible variants to play not only the roulette game but also other types of the wheel games.

What is the most important part in the wheel game? You are right, it is a wheel. No wonder the wheel games are called so. What do we know about the wheels? Well, they are round and are supposed to spin smoothly and silently.

That is how we can apply our roulette wheel to any other type of the wheel game. It can be a drinking roulette, where you and your friends may enjoy alcohol drinks and some perfume, as you never know, at which drink the arrow will point.

Also you can adjust your wheel to such things, as the games at the bachelor or bachelorette's party or any other party or simply hanging out with friends. It will demand some paper or cardboard, scissors and sharpies. Moreover, you may need a piece of plastic or cardboard for the arrow.

How does it work and what do you do?

First of all, we need to figure out, whether our game will be a funny punishment for somebody or just like a forfeits game. Then you need to cut out the circle from the paper or cardboard you have. If there are small pieces, you can glue the circle from them.

You should divide the circle by as many parts as you want for the wishes to fulfill. Then write down in each sector the things you will like if somebody would do them. And, finally, put the circle on top of the roulette wheel, so that it would cover the numbers. Place the arrow on top of the wheel. If you do not want to make it that big, you can simply throw the ball. Also there are a lot of other roulette guides, try some of them if you havn't found the answer here.


Here are some ideas you can use in your wheel game:

  • fear factor (you know what people really do not like),
  • ice bath (the crowd decides either it is going to be upper or lower part of the body),
  • dance with … (again, the crowd decides who will be the one to dance with the player),
  • make out with a bottle (no explanations needed),
  • bar (it can be a total price for the booze order everybody makes at the party - in this case somebody will have to go to buy it),
  • pony ride (whoever can be the rider or a pony - it is up to you to decide),
  • start a conga line (in this case everybody will be able to participate).

You will definitely have much fun. But do not hurry to throw the self-made circle away. You can also use it for another type of the wheel game, for example, for the Wheel of Fortune.

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