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The roulette wheel, the core component of the roulette game

One of the most important parts in the casino is gaming equipment. Among huge variety of it there are slot machines, poker tables and roulette tables.

Today we are talking about the roulette table and its essential part - the roulette wheel. Why is it important? Because it is what the entire game is about.

You place your bets on the roulette table, but it is the roulette wheel, where the ball lands and the winning bet is defined.

So, the roulette wheel. If you think it is easy to make, you are far from the truth. Actually, it is difficult to produce, as the flawless wheel must be perfectly balanced.

First of all, the wheel is made of certain types of wood.

There is an internal and external wheel.

If we are talking about completely ideal wheel, the wood, which is used for the pockets, must be the same everywhere. Different woods have different characteristics, like from one type the ball would bounce easily, and from another will hardly jump. So, in order to make it even everywhere, the same wood is needed.


As we know, there are three colors at the roulette wheel layout.There is black, red and green color. Green goes for the single and double zeros.

Also there are frets, the pieces, which are mostly made of metal or plastic to gradually stop the ball. There are pockets too. The pocket is a part of the wheel with the number inside, separated from each other with the walls.

Earlier there were scams with the ball, when somebody would come really close to the wheel, take a straw and blow through it so that the ball would change the velocity and would fall on the desired spot: number or sector. That is why there are sometimes shields on the wheel, so that no outside influence could be fulfilled.


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