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Tyrolean roulette is now a popular game

Sounds not quite clear but it is much fun to play, as soon as you learn the simple rules. It is a very old game that keeps a mystery behind its invention. The official version says that it was originated in Germany and they call it Bauernroulette.

The word "bauer" in German means "peasant, farmer," and the name of the game can be translated as "poor's man roulette." But it became quite popular with many people and it was spread to many countries.

It can seem that this type of the roulette game slightly reminds of the billiards. What is more is that the kids over 6 years old can play this game and it is both interesting for children and adults. Well, there is always choice between this game and, for example, homemade roulette.

There is a spinning top, six balls of different colors and a board. The rules are the following:

1. Take all the balls (usually, there are 4 white, 1 red and 1 green, but different variations of the colors are possible) and put them in the middle of the board.

2. Put the spinning top in the center and spin. If you become a professional in this game, you can even spin the whipping top for over 30 seconds.

3. All the balls will be scattered around the board and they will go to the hollows or bowls.

4. The hollows and bowls have different points. So, every time when the ball lands into one of them, the points are different. As there are some variations, the points can be counted differently.

5. Once the red ball is in a hollow, you double your points for that ball.

6. If the green ball lands in a hollow, the points are subtracted from the sum, made by other five balls.

7. If to spin the spinning top very fast, the balls can fly off the board. They are not replaced for that turn.

8. A player, whose all balls landed in the hollows and bowls, spins the top one more time.

9. Usually, the point total is determined before the game starts. And the winner of the game is a player, who reaches the point total first. As a rule, the point total is 1000 points.


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