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Las Vegas roulette is viewed to be one of the leaders of best casino gambling activities in free-mind Nevada. Roulette in whole is likely to be the easiest table game to mater and play. Still you may easily win some money if you mater the Las Vegas roulette basics + follow the tips we present in this text.

You must be aware of single zero roulette which has the most favorable house edge for a player – 2.7%, probably viewing Latest Casino Bonuses. In comparison, the wheel with 2 zeros possesses the house edge of 5.26%. This little point may improve your winning odds significantly.

Plus it’s good for you to find a Las Vegas roulette game with “en prison” rule. This specific feature lowers the house edge to, believe it or not, 1.35%.

So in this text you will find a list of Las Vegas casinos offer favorable rules and options for bettor.


Let’s pass on to top casinos: friendly and profitable. The ones which offer single zero wheels and “en prison” rule in use.

Firstly it’s hard not to mention the Bellagio casino which is among the most popular and respected gambling houses in Nevada.

In fact, this casino is one of the few which present:

  • Single zero + “en prison” rule = 1.35% of house edge.

You may also find this superb combination at the next gambling establishments of Las Vegas: The MGM Grand casino, the Mirage casino and the Wynn. Otherwise you can use no deposit casino bonuses. Be ready to find high betting minimums at the places mentioned above as these casinos are swanky no doubt.

Next go casinos with single zero odds but with no “en prison” rule. The house edge of the next ones is 2.7% accordingly:

  • Caesar Palace
  • Las Vegas Hilton
  • Monte Carlo casino
  • Nevada Palace
  • Paris
  • The Stratosphere

Still don’t forget to consult the layout of a game you are going to perform. Watch your steps and actions thus.


It’s not out of place to mention the next points on roulette gaming actually. To put out of mind the gamers naivety and disillusionments as a result.

  • The roulette house edge is still mighty and unfavorable for a gambler;
  • You will lose in the long term of playing roulette;
  • You will not rich as well;
  • There is only fun you can get playing roulette.

We offer you to provide yourself with tons of money to bet and liters of alcohol to entertain your pastime.


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